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Important notice

This database has been designed as a tool to help the scientific community in research on ecdysteroids. The author wishes it to be an evolving system and would encourage other researchers to submit new data, additional publications, proposals for modifications or comments to the authors for inclusion. All new material will be referenced to its contributor.

Reproduction of the material in this database in its entirety is not permitted. Reproduction of parts of the database is only permitted under the following conditions:
  • reproduction is for personal use, for teaching and research, but not for distribution to others
  • reproduction is not for commercial use
  • the origin of the material is indicated in the reproduction
  • we should be notified in advance to allow us to document that the reproduction is being made
  • illustrations may not under any circumstances be used in published texts, commercial or otherwise, without previous written permission of the author(s)

Where data are reproduced in published texts, they should be acknowledged by the reference:

Lafont R., Harmatha J., Marion-Poll F., Dinan L., Wilson I.D.: The Ecdysone Handbook, 3rd edition, on-line, https://ecdybase.org

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